There are many benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for your home. ServiceMaster by A1, formerly A-1 Cleaning and Restoration, has been in business since 1985 in the Golden Isles and we know all about the different types of carpets and will readily pick the best cleaning methods and products for your carpeting. Not only will carpets look better and last longer, but using a professional cleaning service is also good for your family’s health.

Our tools have much better suction than any carpet cleaning machine than can be rented at the local store and this super suction ensures that your carpets will not be left too wet, which can lead to mold and mildew forming. Dirty carpets often trap various indoor air pollutants, such as pet dander and particle pollution, which in turn can cause toxic airborne gases to form. Walking on the carpets and regular vacuuming stirs up these toxic gases and only professional carpet cleaners have the right tools to get rid of all these allergens. Unknown to their owners, many homes also have dust mites, which are microscopic creatures whose feces and bodily fragments are also allergens. Professional carpet cleaners clean your carpets by using high temperatures that ensure that dust mites cannot survive.

We will help you to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean. We offer everything from an effective, but swift treatment called encapsulation cleaning to the more intense hot water extraction. Additional service also include deodorization and pet odor removal.


We are proud to be an active member of this community. ServiceMaster by A1 is locally owned and operated, so we’re already nearby and ready to help Southeast Ga residents and business owners with any size carpet cleaning or restoration emergencies.